Ray J took a departure from his ladies' man image and took a thuggish turn with his recent attack on rapper Fabolous. (www.sweetlyrics.com)

If you missed it, here’s the long and short of it: he was none-too-pleased about jokes that Fabolous had about Ray J singing his song “One Wish” in Floyd Mayweather’s living room while playing the piano. Before Fabolous was supposed to take to the stage at the Palms to perform, Ray J said he punched him in the face and kicked off a fight. We’re not sure if he summoned moxie and inspiration from his “big brother” Floyd Mayweather’s Saturday night performance, but the singer and actor called Power 105.1’s the Breakfast Club in New York to say his piece.  

Sound off: Trending like mad, we pulled some local tweets on the situation plus one from rapper Talib Kweli. And we're just curious, are you buying the rough and tumble Ray-J or do you favor the ladies’ man version we’ve seen to date, a la “For the Love of Ray J”? Tweet us @TheRoot_DC.

Fab and Ray J are trending topics? AKA how you know twitter is SUPER black lol @TalibKweli

#ThingsTougherThanRayJ rock paper scissors @TheReAL_Caliwoo

#PeopleTougherThanRayJ Jared from Subway @Uptown_Ro

#ThingsTougherThanRayJ that wall in Italy that beat up the Situation @bodaciousbobo

#ThingsTougherThanRayJ Tyra Banks lace front glue @YonathanElias

Fabolous performing onstage. (www.rapfix.mtv.com)

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