As the online world erupted Thursday morning over yet another Kim Kardashian fueled frenzy, this time around director Tyler Perry got roped in to the buzz.

TV personality Kim Kardashian arrives at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles August 28, 2011. (DANNY MOLOSHOK/REUTERS)

Kardashian has been all over the news for her sham wedding and now soon-to-be divorce from NBA player, Chris Humphries.

Fans have bombarded Perry’s Web site with positive and negative comments. Perry responded with a long letter to his fans.” In it, he called Kardashian a “role model.”

Celebrities have come to Kardashian’s defense, like her co-star Vanessa Williams did on Twitter: ‘@KimKardashian ..met her..worked with her..Always be willing to have an open ear & heart. Never judge,people!’

Not everyone has something good to say though. Here are some tweets we pulled:

LJKnight: #TylerPerryWins the 2011 Captain Save A Ho Award for Saving #kim Kardashian from critics.

WeirdAlCrankyB: #TylerPerry doesn't get it. The fact girls look up to Kim K IS the problem. Not a good explanation of why use her was given #Boycott

CongoleseQueen: so i guess kim k got a role in a new #tylerperry movie. For what. Is it a reality tv movie? I kno i will not watch it w/e it is.

PrissyJoia: #TylerPerry are you serious? Casting Kim Kardashian as a lead in your new movie? #sonotcool

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