For Tyra Banks, there’s nothing like a TV show to make your bullies eat their words. (Phil McCarten/Reuters)

According to Shadow and Act, the “America’s Next Top Model” host has created a new comedy for ABC called “Fivehead.” It is based on her teen years and the teasing she experienced because of the size of her forehead.

As if growing up and becoming one of the most successful supermodels ever wasn’t enough to make them eat their words, now she creates a whole show about how mean and silly some of her classmates were.

Earvin “Magic” Johnson promotes in-home HIV testing kit.

OraQuick, the first home HIV testing kit to be approved by the FDA, has a new spokesman: Earvin “Magic” Johnson. Johnson believes OraQuick will make it easier for a larger number of people to get tested on a regular basis.

“In the HIV and AIDS fight we needed an in-home kit because the stigma behind going to the doctor or to a HIV and AIDS clinic to get a shot sometimes for some people, and probably that’s millions of people, they just didn’t wanna do it…Now we are going to take away the fear of going to a doctor or clinic for them,” Johnson said in a video about OraQuick. You can watch the rest of the video over at The Grio

Trayvon Martin’s parents are still incredible.

Trayvon Martin’s parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, recently created a political action committee called Change for Trayvon. Its purpose? To raise money to be “distributed to candidates, elected officials and efforts which support the mission of…revising stand-your-ground laws across the nation to ensure there is judicial or prosecutorial oversight.” Their strength is amazing. Read more at Raw Story.

What every hip-hop head wishes they had as a child...

Need something to do on those rainy days? Allow me to introduce you to Bun B’s Coloring and Rap Activity Tumblr, described on the site as “one of those coloring books that kids have, except way less boring.” Print out pictures of say, Dr. Dre or Tyga (who is dressed as a pirate, no less), and color yourself silly.

Curated by rapper Bun B, the pictures are drawn by Shea Serrano, a self-described “tank top enthusiast” who has written for LA Weekly, Grantland, MTV and more.

Plus, with every picture there is a recommended song to listen to as you work. For example, they recommend turning on “Ain’t Nothin’ But a G Thang” while you color pictures of “The Chronic” album cover.

I know I have some crayons somewhere.

Professor Questlove?

In other cool, musical news, Questlove of The Roots is about to become a college professor. The drummer will co-teach a class at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts called “Classic Albums.” According to Billboard, the course will focus on what it means for something to be called classic and explore “the music lyrics, production, business aspects — such as promotion and marketing — that informed the release and reception of the album.” Some of the albums that may be up for discussion are Prince’s “Dirty Mind,” Aretha Franklin’s “Lady Soul” and Michael Jackson’s “Off the Wall.”

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