Today's newsletter comes to you from the more tropical climes of Miami. I took a mini-vacation from D.C., and thank goodness, considering the weather. I only have one thing I definitely want to visit, which is this, but any other suggestions are welcome!

Thousands dance, sing and rejoice in celebrating the life of go-go music icon Chuck Brown during a memorial service at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center on May 31, 2012. (Marvin Joseph/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Sometimes life hands you odd coincidences. And today, now that I'm in the city where a man was killed while eating a homeless guy's face, someone back home admits to eating part of his roommate's heart and brain. I'm not going to make any flip jokes about zombies, because I happen to find this apparent trend extremely disturbing. The whole thing reminds me too much of that movie "Hannibal" — which nearly made me throw up.

Just when you think an awful fashion trend is on the way out, it makes it way back in. And just in time for summer, Ugg Australia has released its bridal collection! I could have sworn that these insipid boots officially jumped the shark when Tom Brady came on board as a sponsor, but that'll show you what I know about style. The Style Blog's Maura Judkis breaks down the line, which of course cost more than the regular versions and are basically just in a different color.

D.C.'s history with jazz is a tremendous one. And there are some new players on the scene. No longer is it just the realm of old-school heads in smoky lounges with decades of experience under their belts. CapitalBop, the two-headed jazz hydra of Giovanni Russonello and Luke Stewart, is doing its best to bring the genre to younger audiences in the area. The Post's Chris Richards profiles the movement. In other news, Luke Stewart is my friend. And a super cool dude.

If you don't know Thomas Robinson's story, you should learn it. The former Kansas Jayhawk hoopster overcame some serious personal tragedy during his career and is now a potential NBA Draft lottery pick. He also happens to be a D.C. native. He said this week that playing in his home town is something he "definitely wouldn't mind" doing. I'm not sure the Wizards necessarily need another frontcourt player, but I wouldn't mind seeing them pick Robinson. The Post's Michael Lee reports.

Extra Bites

• The original Colonel Sanders, the actual guy that's been the face of KFC for decades, is releasing a cookbook and autobiography Monday. And it's available for free download on Facebook, of all places. If you’re wondering, the colonel died back in 1980.

• More from the soccer world in the lead-up to Euro 2012. Here are the 101 best goals from the 2011-2012 season in one 10 minute video. This is well worth your time.

• There's a new pho spot opening up in Adams Morgan. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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