If you're not familiar with the show "Basketball Wives" then God bless you. If you are, you might want to know that "Baseball Wives," starring the infamous Anna Benson, is making its debut on Nov. 30 on VH1. God help us all.

Did you know that when it rains a lot in D.C. that storm water mixes with raw sewage and occasionally gets into the water supply? No? Well, it does. And now, DC Water is trying to fix that, because, you know sewage in your drinking water is absolutely grotesque. They're building new tunnels along the Anacostia River to manage the runoff, and it's going to cost nearly $3 billion. The Post's Darryl Fears reports on the efforts to clean up the city's waterways.

When Natasha Dasher was arrested on cocaine trafficking charges , many were concerned that it would uniformly stain Ward 8 altogether. The owner of Uniontown Bar & Grill in Anacostia was widely seen as the face of a new Southeast, which was trying to get its footing as a more livable, loveable community in some people's eyes. But the drug arrest didn't help that cause. Many in SE banded together in solidarity, and yesterday, The Root D.C.'s Robert Pierre was on WAMU discussing the incident.

Jeannine Gibson tries on clothes and shoes at Ann Taylor Thursday, November 10, 2011 in Washington, DC. (Katherine Frey/THE WASHINGTON POST)

I can't imagine what it's like to be arrested for doing your job . But for a few journos covering the Occupy Wall Street developments, that's exactly how things went down. When Zuccotti Park was raided by police, they didn't bother to delineate between protesters and reporters, they just cuffed everyone and got on with it. Julie Walker, a freelancer in NYC who's been covering the movement from the beginning was one of those people and recounts the tale of her arrest. In short: It sucked.

Like it or not, the University of Maryland at College Park is a basketball school . Period. When Ralph Friedgen brought the football team into the national conversation again, the sexiness of the football program helped fuel a run on the gridiron's popularity, but that has long waned. And since the team is now pretty much awful, they aren't bringing in any cash. The Post's Liz Clarke reports on Terps football whose "profit has plunged nearly 50 percent in the past five years.

Extra Bites

• Michael Jackson was a star who was nearly larger than life. And his personal transformation over his life is the subject of many jokes. But I never thought I'd hear that an actual white man was going to play him in a movie. People are betting on this in England.

• Grab your HBCU hoodies, Air Force Ones and get the boombox ready. Yo! MTV Raps is coming back for one show. Just one.

• Gawker went over the line. I, for one, wish Lindsay Lohan happy health.

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