The Capitals managed to stop their slide on the ice last night, but only after benching Alex Semin prior to the game. A good move, but in fact the real magic on the ice last night came courtesy the best hockey player on the planet. Wow.

The Intercounty Connector has literally been 50 years in the making . The Maryland road providing a link between Interstate 270 in Montgomery County and I-95 in Prince George's County is costing the state a fortune however, to the tune of $2.56 billion. The road finally opened today and although it will be a toll road eventually, it's free to ride until Dec. 4. The Post's Katherine Shaver chronicles the history of the construction of the ICC, which may be the last road of its kind.

The fight over the waterfront in Alexandria has gotten uglier. Yesterday, city officials flatly rejected a citizen group's proposal to remake the waterfront, and they weren't nice about it. The acting city manager called the plan offered by Citizens for an Alternative Alexandria Waterfront Plan (CAAWP) "legally indefensible" and not "financially feasible." The Post's Patricia Sullivan reports on the wide gap in opinion on this issue, which will be publicly heard before the city council on Jan. 21.

Three American college students have been arrested in connection with the demonstrations in Cairo . Gregory Porter, Luke Gates and Derrik Sweeney were arrested and paraded before the public on Egyptian state television. They're accused of setting off molotov cocktails and clashing with police in anti-government protests in Cairo's famed Tahrir Square. The Post's Leila Fadel and Ernesto Londoño report.

This photo shows a citrus turkey surrounded by side dishes in Concord. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead, File) (Matthew Mead/AP)

Once upon a time, the University of Maryland-College Park was considered one of the best schools in the country for a student-athlete. Now, as a result of some brazen miscalculations and overreaches by the athletic department, the school plans to cut 8 of the school's 27 varsity programs to save money. And although playing college sports is obviously a privilege, it's still sad to see teams forced to disband due to errors they didn't make. The Post's Eric Prisbell has the details.

Extra Bites

• 48 years ago today, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated while traveling with his wife in a motorcade in Dallas. I don't need to highlight any conspiracy theories, but this story about the 'Umbrella Man' is fascinating.

• I will be seeing "The Muppets" over the holiday, but if you want a more mature film, try "The Descendants," featuring George Clooney aka, the next Paul Newman.

• For whatever reason, NASA is still trying to kick it on Mars. Good luck with that.

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