My friend Natalie Y. Moore has a piece on The Root saying it’s difficult to find brothers to date who eat pork. She, in fact, loves pork and thinks that turkey bacon is “crap.” Even though I’d like to say otherwise since I have been working out lately, I agree.

Pork is my friend. As a child in rural Louisiana, we raised hogs. We slaughtered them and ate the cracklin, the ham and the bacon. My grandfather was a huge fan of hog’s head cheese and several family members love pig’s feet and chitlins. I still can’t get with either of those. Anyway, check out Natalie’s piece on The Root.

Big ups to the Bacon.

Here is an excerpt:

Recently a friend came by my house, and I had just finished cooking my favorite Saturday snack of sliced avocado with crumbled bacon. The lingering smell of fat offended him. I had to tune out as he extolled the virtues of turkey bacon. Turkey bacon is crap.

Pork bacon, on the other hand, makes me smile. The juiciness of a pork roast is more succulent than a pot roast. Broiled pork chops with balsamic vinegar and fresh basil is a quick, yet fine, meal. Luckily for me, pork is the “it” meat in many restaurants -- from pork belly to high-end pork rinds. Yes, there is such a thing as high-end pork rinds.

For some black folks, however, the pig is not the “other white meat.” Instead it represents filth and a nasty animal that will afflict you with all kinds of diseases. (See Elijah Muhammad’s How to Eat to Live.) Anti-pork ideology is a throwback from the black power era, when militants demonized pork. “Pig” also became a pejorative for the police.

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