One of the greatest misconceptions in life is the old adage: “You can become anything you want to be.” Explain to me how a man standing five feet four inches tall with little to no athletic ability can create a career for himself in the professional ranks of basketball? Some things in life just aren’t for us no matter how bad we want them.

To the contrary, there’s the young adolescent player who walks in the gym, barely practices, and proceeds to dismantling every opponent who steps in his path on the basketball court.

Alexander Pope suggests in his historic “Essay on Man” that every human being has a sphere of perfection; something uniquely designed for each of us to do, at a level which supersedes all of our other abilities. I can deduct this to the destiny blue-print, and God imprint every human is born with.

Without question I believe we all possess this sphere of perfection, but the experience of operating in it is activated by a choice to set our inner desires and pictures of destiny in motion, and push the boundaries of what we see ourselves being able to create.

The universe gives us clues as to what our “It” is in life; often through various effortless gifts which we somehow have no explanation for the effectiveness and brilliance which embody these talents. Exploring talents which are a reflection of a perfection which logic cannot explain are very pointed steps in the direction of your sphere of perfection.

To begin tapping into these types of gifts and abilities you must not only be sold on yourself, also on the all-knowing perfection which is responsible for your existence. This is self reliance in the regard that you place your belief beyond the natural you with limitations and boundaries, rather in the destiny in you which was designed to continuously push all boundaries and evolve with no ceiling.

I’m reminded of when the current NBA MVP Derrick Rose was being interviewed after a game last season where his performance was so divine that night he had to pay homage to the all-knowing omniscient creator who gave him the ability to perform the way he did.

His words go as follows: “God gave me the ability to get through holes very quickly, and I am blessed to have this talent.” After dominating a game in which he was playing against the most elite basketball players on the planet, his performance was so awe striking that he could not take credit for it because he was operating in a sphere beyond logic, into the realm of supernatural perfection.

If you choose to explore the limits of your gifts and talents, and find the audacity to see where they will land you, you will enter the realm of the unlimited, where the impossible serves as the norm. Possessing obvious God-given talents is one thing, but exercising the power to create from them affords you the experience of seeing the depths of existence and understanding your reason for being here.

When you take natural measures to perfect your gifts and talents, the force of destiny in you will create an emergence like nothing you’ve ever experienced in the realm of your abilities. A sphere of perfection is when you depart so far from the natural realm of possibilities that the only thing around you is supernatural perfection. There is a place that exists for every human being in which you will see God holding a blue-print in front of you which reads “destiny.”

Sometimes these types of gifts are so fluid and effortless they slip past your natural radar, and are only visible to those around you, resulting from the impact they experience from your gifts.

Pay attention to the signs the universe reveals to you concerning your destiny. The omniscient being which manifested us all here knows that even if we have a destiny, it’s difficult to be fulfilled if an awareness of it is not in place. The universe aids us in the quest of destiny through subtle whispers which increase in volume until we acknowledge the voice of perfection. It’s the effortless gifts which define our true identity.

Choose to explore the depths of your gifts, talents and genius. Your sphere of perfection is patiently waiting.

Matthew C. Horne, motivational speaker and author, is president and CEO of Optimum Success International, a speaking and publishing company located in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area. He is the author of The Universe is Inviting You In, and his newly- released book, All We Have Is NOW. To learn more about Matthew C. Horne, visit

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