I saw "The Avengers" this weekend, apparently along with a lot of other people. I sprang for the IMAX 3D and it was worth every dollar. Letter grade: A+.

Bleary-eyed passengers wait for cabs at Union Station. (Bleary-eyed passengers wait for cabs at Union Station. l The Post)

There's nothing better than someone who admits to a crime while reporting another. And while you probably heard last week about the guy who called police to report that someone had broken in to steal his marijuana, you might not realize that, technically, he isn't committing a crime. Because, hello, he does not have the drugs to prove he's a criminal, too. And as funny as this story may be, it's much funnier when you add audio. The Post's Mike Rosenwald has the 911 call.

For a guy that seems to love the limelight, Ken Cuccinelli is not having a good run. The Virginia attorney general, who is planning to run for governor, has had three rulings go against him in six months. And since he isn't hinting at stepping down to run, many are implying that he's using his office for publicity. Of course, many have implied this since he first took office, but now, as he continues to fail, it has become more magnified. The Post's Anita Kumar explains why Cuccinelli isn't fazed by the setbacks.

It's unlikely we'll ever see another artist like Adam Yauch. The Beastie Boys member known as MCA wasn't just a strong rapper and bass player, but his involvement as an activist was unique. Unlike many musicians and actors who seem to make their causes all about them, Yauch never did. That aside, his group made awesome music. After his passing, The Post's Chris Richards takes a look back at some stories our paper has written about the Beasties over the years.

Last night was a bittersweet one at the ballpark. First Bryce Harper punked Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels, who beaned him in the first inning on the first pitch, attempting to send a message to the 19-year-old. Then Harper took two bases on a single. Then he stole home right in front of Hamels's face. That was amazing. Not so good was Jayson Werth re-injuring his left wrist. Also, there was this guy, who was just checking to make sure the Phils would still be in last place after the win. Oh look, they are.

Extra Bites

• ABC News and Univision have announced a new English language cable channel aimed at Latinos. Although it is not set to debut until 2013, it's being billed as a "24/7 news, information and lifestyle network."

• If you don't know who Ahsan is, now you do. Some are calling him the next Justin Bieber. Or the black Justin Bieber. Whatever. He can SANG.

• Yep, this is hilarious. No questions asked. If you don't get it, see here.

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