I went to an exhibition for my homeboy Edmond's artwork last night, and it happened to be held at my other buddy Philippe's place, Affinity Lab, on U Street. So, if you like cool artwork that isn't exactly the normal stuff you see on every other shelf, click here.

Flowers sit on a mulch-covered curbing next to the site of the police officer shooting at Virginia Tech. (AP/Roanoke Times)

If you told me someone was making a biopic about Marion Barry, I'd be ecstatic . If you told me that Eddie Murphy was going to play the “Mayor for Life” in said film, I'd be over the moon. If you told me that Spike Lee was going to direct a movie about Barry's life, as played by Murphy, I'd be speechless. Good thing I have this keyboard. And to top it all off, this epic is being developed for HBO, of all channels. We're apparently still in the rumor phase of this project, but I don't care. I'm already geeked out of my mind about it. The Reliable Source has the details.

I've loved listening to the radio ever since I was a kid . And growing up, it was all about five stations. Aside from 570 The Team, back then, the only stations I listened to were WKYS, WPGC, WHUR and WMMJ. It was before I opened up to the world of non-“black” radio when it came to music. These days, the state of the urban radio format is in a completely different place than it was then, so much so that The Root DC's Natalie Hopkinson has decided that her kids aren't allowed to listen to it anymore. She says it's too vulgar, and it's really quite a shame. Sadly, I agree.

My favorite television critic of all time is Lisa de Moraes . For years she's been writing about the ins and outs of the small screen and its ridiculous internal politics, and as far as I'm concerned, no one does it better. And as a woman, she's not alone in being at the top of her field at her publication. Female TV critics are redefining the national conversation about television, even as male writers dominate Hollywood and shape the story lines that most networks choose to air. The Post's Anna Holmes provides a tremendous analysis of how this has come to be.

The Wizards start training camp today , but they might be the most irrelevant franchise in the NBA at this point. I love them, but come on — they're nowhere near contention. Nonetheless, I will say that I think this team will win ...15 games. Sorry, kids. All that aside, the NBA is still fabulously interesting. And yesterday, commissioner David Stern stepped in and blocked a trade that would send the Hornets' Chris Paul to the Lakers. Essentially, he didn't want to upset the competitive balance of the league that drastically coming off a lockout. He's not fooling anyone.

Extra Bites

• Do you have an old-school gamer that's also a new-school technology adapter on your holiday shopping list? If so, this arcade cabinet designed to house an iPad is exactly what you should be buying them. It's called an iCade. And it's awesome.

• I've mentioned that I like Christmas music but I don't love it. I do, however, love Christmas music when it's Otis Redding doing the singing. Props to my fellow D.C. journo Mike Madden for these.

• Behold: the Metro Swing. I can't think of many things greater.

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