I don’t look at this as a job. It’s destiny. Period. Don’t give me no titles. I’m just a human being, man. I’ve been blessed. I tell God to keep blessing me everyday. Give me what I need, so I can keep blessing my people. That’s all I need. I’m in love that. My life has been that way. I like it. I love it. I love my life.

I’m involved in trying to help our people get jobs. What they need. But it’s not really about the jobs, it’s about self-sufficiency. It’s about mental health. It’s about health and about being healthy. My responsibility is to remind people to have a human quality. Remind people about their birthright…about the need for a good quality of life. That is very, very important.

That’s why I don’t want a whole lot personally. I look at providing for my kids. Give me a small house. I want a place that I can hear. Where I can hear a drip. I want to hear the crickets. I want to hear everything. I want to hear my house. I want to hear my boys in my house. I wanna know: where you at? I want to hear everything. That’s fine with me. Give me the basic necessities of what I need. And I’m good with that. I love them that way. That’s where I’m at. I love staying there. I love being there. No one is going to take me from there.

See for me, I live my life living for my means. Having the bare necessities. I use this example with the people I talk with. I say “If I have a whole lot of meat, and I take it to a butcher and I tell him: ‘give me the good meat’ there might be a whole lot of meat but when you get to it, it’s about the good meat. And that’s good, because that’s what I need. Not the fat and all the cartilage. The good meat is the bare necessities.” I live my life the same way. My mother always told me: if you have a sandwich and you don’t need all of it, give someone the other half. That’s what you need. I live my life the same way. Give me what I need and keep it  moving. Just keep moving. I live my life that way. I do that. I get a loaf of bread, use what I need and then share.

We have to remind people, like politicians, to stop playing with people’s lives, man. Stop getting caught up in all this money. We get caught up into this other stuff; we’re dealing with people lives. People are so convoluted, they are not respecting life. How could you do that? You got to respect people’s lives man. People are living. And the unfortunate thing is that you’ve got people out here who don’t really understand what life is. And people who don’t appreciate it. That charges me. That makes me angry. It makes me angry, man. We have people who people are dying. Children are dying. From homelessness and poverty. We are dealing with someone’s life.