My friend Pete, who I've known since our Little League baseball days together, runs a couple food trucks in the city. His crew has a third now, one of the Thai variety, and it's delicious. Clearly I'm biased, but I also have good taste. So do they.

Washington Wizards center JaVale McGee (34) gets high five from Washington Wizards point guard John Wall (2). (Toni L. Sandys/THE WASHINGTON POST)

When I went to Alexandria this past weekend, I noticed things were a bit edgy . There were signs all over the place referring to a city council meeting and I couldn't help but be aware of the political tension ready to unfold. And that was just in the movie theater. Last night, the powers-that-be decided that remaking the city's waterfront was a relatively good decision and now that means a lot of construction around Old Town for some time to come. The Post's Patricia Sullivan reports.

Metro hopes to raise fares, hire 1,000 people and increase parking rates .And I want to play starting shortstop for the Nationals. The transit agency has revealed an ambitious plan to make up for the deficit in its operating budget and it seems that you and I who ride the system will be the ones taking the biggest hit to the wallet. Unsurprisingly, regular riders are not happy about it and are voicing their opinions. The Post's Ovetta Wiggins reports on Metro's latest non-popularity stunt.

Let me ask you something: Why are smart people usually so ugly? If you believe that premise to be true, you should probably readjust your views on beauty and intelligence at the same time. Either way, it turns out that this false assumption based on super scientific facts makes absolutely no sense, obviously. In short, nobody knows why so-called "ugly" people are deemed smarter, it just seems to be something that many folks believe. Slate's Daniel Engber explains the theory, amongst other things.

The other night, I flipped on "Chelsea Lately" for the first time in a while . Whitney Cummings, who hails from D.C., was on the panel. Now that she's got her own network show, her attitude came across as far more obnoxious than when she was just a regular on the set. Good for her, IMO. But from what I understand, many people don't like her humor. I do, Nonetheless, Handler has a new show, too, on NBC. Deal with it. The Post's Hank Steuver isn't a fan of either.

Extra Bites

• The first time I met Jim Vance, I was sitting at the WRC-4 anchor desk between him and the late George Michael doing an intern audition. Vance couldn't have been more gracious. He recently celebrated a birthday. These are some old school clips of the man.

• In 9th grade, I ate a Twinkie and drank an Arizona Mucho Mango every morning in homeroom. Ask my friend Astro, it's true. Now, Hostess is filing for bankruptcy. Rather unfortunate.

• Watch this video. Then, think about all the books you haven't read. And maybe never will. At least not today.

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