I went to see a band called White Ford Bronco last night. I loved it, my girlfriend loved it and everyone else there did too, it seemed. They play 90s cover songs of all genres. Not much more to say other tha they rock, big time.

Metro isn't going to hike up its fares without input from the public . When GM Richard Sarles proposed last week that upping fares was the easiest way to increase revenue, riders balked. Yesterday, Metro added a couple of items to the public docket for discussion. Considering it wasn't that long ago when it last raised fares, I imagine these will be some pretty lively sessions. The Post's Lori Aratani and Dana Hedgpeth report on the additions to the schedule.

Mayor Adrian Fenty and Michelle Rhee. (Andrea Bruce/THE WASHINGTON POST)

One thing in Baltimore you used to be able to rely on was someone leaving roses and cognac on Edgar Allen Poe's grave every year. And when that stopped happening a while back, people were concerned that the person responsible for that clandestine operation might be in ill health. Now, the tradition seems to be done at great storyteller's place of rest. The Post's Maura Judkis reports on why the Baltimore native's grave will no longer be 'toasted.'

In the 80s, the Peggy Bundys of the world got top billing . As in, well-endowed women got a lot of attention. But, Simon Doonan, the ever-present style master on television, is of the belief that women with slighter figures could make a fashion comeback. He contends that from a basic health perspective, there will be fewer women with implants in studios. He details his theory at Slate.

The Post's Robert McCartney contends that any Redskins fan who roots for the Ravens this weekend is a traitor. That notion, my friends, is bunk. The Redskins are an embarrassing franchise with a racist name that haven't won anything significant in 20 years. Not to mention, the Ravens are in a different conference altogether. I was born and raised as a Redskins fan, and still am, but I have absolutely no problem with the Ravens and never will. The Post's Michael S. Rosenwald wants to put it to a vote.

Extra Bites

• Now that D.C. is making strides in the legal marijuana trade, it seems that Virginia wants in. The state has created a subcommittee to figure out just how much the Commonwealth could make from selling it.

• If you've ever wondered what it'd be like to see NBC4's Jim Vance and Dan Hellie ride a motorcyle together, now you know.

• This is a good song. Period. Happy weekend!

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