The Hoyas finally get around to starting their NCAA Tournament today at 3, or 'three time' as the kids on campus say. Things haven't gone well the past two years in a row, so let's hope things are different this time around.

Many people have no idea what D.C.'s shadow representatives do. I'll explain. They're officials elected by the city whose goal is to lobby for statehood. The concept of shadows goes back to the parliamentary system of the UK. In effect, they exist to point out that they officially don't exist, if that makes sense. That aside, this year's race in D.C. has turned bizarre. One candidate asked a judge to jail him for a past offense to protest D.C.'s lack of voting rights. Guess what? He got it. The Post's Tim Craig reports.

A wave of GOP-sponsored legislation aimed at rolling back women's access to birth control and abortion has swept the country recently. But not all women are against the GOP. And even though the debate has gotten VERY personal in some places like Virginia, one group says that the message has been distorted. Meet Kiron Skinner, a black woman and social sciences professor at Carnegie Mellon University and a national co-chair for the Women With Newt Coalition, whose stance is certainly worth listening to.

If you're in search of “real rock-n-roll,” look no further than the South by Southwest Festival. Though the event has turned into a much larger content presentation platform for all types of products, the music is still the real deal. Let The Post's Chris Richards take you through the beer-soaked music venues of Austin, Tex., where the genre still exists in its "its murky, primordial state," and where my friend Phillippe says jeans and a chambray shirt or head to toe tats are the only looks to go with.

I have never once used the words “fruit fly” and “sex life” in the same sentence until now. But, apparently doctors are studying these things and coming up with intriguing results. Researchers at the University of California San Francisco have determined that there is a direct link between these flies' desire to get drunk and their lack of approval from potential female partners. As in, when rejected, the insects chose to get drunk. No word on what they do when the game's on. Jennifer LaRue Huget reports.

It's a bittersweet day in Wizards land. On the one hand, the team got rid of two of the biggest knuckleheads in the history of the franchise. On the other, these two clowns provided endless entertainment with their genuine lack of concern for developing as NBA players and just having fun. Alas, Nick Young and Javale McGee, you will sort of be missed. Nene, on the other hand, is gladly welcome as an ACTUAL front-court player that belongs in the league. The Post's Michael Lee reports.

Extra Bites

• Khloe Kardashian is claiming that her sister Kim and Kanye West “tried” to date but their schedules didn't work out. That's a reality show I definitely would have watched. Alas.

• Here's a photo of all the geeks lined up outside the Apple store in Georgetown for the new iPad, likely taken with an iPhone.

• If you get hammered this weekend, please keep your drunk behind off the road. Safety first!

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