The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) has announced the creation of the Marilyn Ware Center for Security Studies.

Ware, a former U.S. ambassador to Finland under the George W. Bush administration, is an AEI trustee whose previous gifts to the think tank exceed $3 million. AEI says Ware has pledged a multimillion-dollar commitment for the establishment of the center.

According to AEI, the new center will “promote human liberty, individual opportunity and the ideal conditions for the expansion of free enterprise, believing that these values have made America strong and have given so much hope and prosperity to others around the world.”

“I am confident that the new Center will play a major part in keeping our country strong and perpetuating the values and principles we, allied democracies, and others seeking political freedom and economic liberty hold dear,” AEI President Arthur Brooks said in a statement.

“AEI is leading this fight thanks to its unrivaled scholarly expertise and a consistent ability to turn great ideas into real-world solutions,” said Ware. “This Center will define America’s proper role in an increasingly changing and challenging world and will provide analysis and proposals designed to make America more secure now and in the years to come.”

The support will allow AEI to expand its number of defense and strategic experts. The new center will merge the existing Center for Defense Studies and the Program on Advanced Strategic Studies, making Thomas Donnelly and Gary Schmitt co-directors.