Yesterday, Mitt Romney announced his foreign policy team and today Politico Arena asks, “Can Romney outflank Obama on foreign policy?” Brookings’ Darrell West answers. And so does Heritage’s James Carafano.

As the Occupy Wall Street continues to grow as a global movement, Room for Debate asks: Is it effective to occupy Wall Street? (New York Times)

New America’s Brian Fishman says our current tactics in defeating terrorism might be working in the short-term, but a serious conversation is desperately needed to get us beyond relying on drones and talking points. (New York Daily News)

Manhattan Institute’s Nicole Gelinas has quite a list that suggests these are just the beginnings of New York City’s budget problems. (New York Post)

Cato’s Michael Cannon accuses David Frum of making “ObamaCare” more palatable for the GOP (Cato)

Was Ronald Reagan the original class warrior? (Washington Post)