The growing call for a third party candidate will cause nothing but problems if no party gets a majority in the Electoral College. (Washington Post)

Rand Paul seems to ignore the poverty numbers that the 2010 census revealed, telling the Senate Health Subcommittee: “Rather than bemoan or belabor something [poverty] that is really truly something that is overwhelmingly being treated in our country, we should maybe give more credit to the American system, the American dream, and give credit to what capitalism has done to eradicate poverty in this country.” (ThinkProgress)

Was Bob Turner’s NY9 win because of Obama’s policy toward Israel? (Politico)

In a feature-length article in the September 19 issue of National Review, AEI’s John Bolton argues “Obama’s presidency is gravely wounding America and its friends. His response to virtually every significant threat or crisis has either complicated or worsened the problem, or, at best, left it essentially no closer to resolution.” (National Review)

What Perry has going for him is that, “Perry is the un-Obama. Republicans instantly recognized the Texas governor as total opposite of the Democratic president. President Barack Obama is cultivated, intellectually complex, cool, deliberative and not particularly forceful. Perry is tough, straightforward, anti-intellectual and something of a hothead.” (Politico)

A well-regulated wilderness (New York Times)

Cato’s Michael Tanner shows the vulnerabilities of the supercommitte, especially when it comes to defense cuts and tax raises. (National Review)

In Room for Debate, 10 people take on the issue of the relative unregulated fertility industry in the U.S. (New York Times)

Heritage’s Peter Brookes says there’s no good news on Iran and the U.S. needs a new game plan since Iran is only moving forward on nuclear and missile capabilities. (New York Post)

Did the CNN Tea Party debate take Rick Perry out of his sweet spot? (National Review)