Amid the Palestinian statehood-UN-US controversy, The New York Times Room for Debate gathers think tankers and other Israeli-Palestinian experts to answer the question: Can Israel survive without a Palestinian State? (New York Times)

Manhattan Institute’s Sol Stern makes the claim that everything that comes out of Abbas’ mouth is a lie, because he only mentioned having to live in a tent as a refu­gee just once. (National Review)

Will a House vote today result in keeping the NLRB out of Boeing’s business? (Heritage)

Thomas Pickering joins Brookings (Washington Post)

Michael O’Hanlon says don’t believe the hype when it comes to media knocking the NATO-US plan to turn security over to Afghanistan--even after the September 14 attacks. (Politico)

Does Obama have a Solyndra problem? (National Review)

Hoover Institution’s Thomas Sowell says taxing the rich at a higher rate means they’ll just flee like all the businesses have. (National Review)

If there’s a Republican establishment, E.J. Dionne can’t find it. The result is that Rick Perry will have to beat himself. (Washington Post)

Victor Davis Hanson writes that liberals are quick to give Obama the shiv, but that seems wrong-headed: “Yet the left can’t fairly blame Obama. After all, he rammed through on a strictly partisan vote the century-old liberal dream of a federal takeover of health care -- something that Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson and Bill Clinton never could do. Keynesians never dreamed that a president could actually borrow $5 trillion for domestic spending in less than three years.” (New York Post)