Four former Bush administration officials respond to Bob Woodward regarding Bush’s decision regarding the secret al-Kibar nuclear reactor built by Syria and North Korea. (Washington Post)

This is the training the FBI gets on Islam. (Cato)

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s recent trip to Egypt, Tunisia and Libya was orchestrated to show his constituency how strong Turkey is in the region, writes CFR’s Steven Cook. (Foreign Affairs)

The Palestinians taking their case to the U.N. may just be what the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations need. (Washington Post)

The New York Times has collected eight experts in their Room for Debate over the question of the recent effort to expel people of African descent from Indian tribes. Is it an exercise of tribal sovereignty, as tribal leaders claim, or a reversion to Jim Crow, as the Freedmen argue? (New York Times)

Has Obama become a teenage boy? (National Review)