When it comes to Iran, the real question is: “Why does the regime hold so tenaciously to a narrative that convinces no one? The Islamic Republic, like all intensely ideological states, seeks to condition a citizenry that may not believe its absurd assertions but is willing to concede to them.” (Washington Post)

But Karim Sadjadpour of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace has a long list of other questions for Ahmadinejad. (Washington Post)

“One would think, reading the voluminous criticism of the PA’s gambit, that Abbas was threatening to launch a third Intifada with support from renegade Muammar Qadhafi loyalists.” (Politico)

Five experts discuss the viability of a sustainable two-tier pay system among auto workers. (New York Times)

Colleges can reject applicants if you’re the “wrong” race, but that may soon change says Hans Von Spakovsky. (National Review)

Will the alternative minimum tax only help CPAs? (Cato)

Does Obama only care about unionized jobs? (National Review)