CNAS visiting fellow on wonks when it comes to Afghanistan: “While sipping their Starbucks, a few mutter the word “unwinnable.” They speak in grim sound bites: A gunfight on the United States Embassy’s doorstep. A helicopter shot out of the sky. But before people outside the Beltway accept this hardening conventional wisdom as fact, allow me to offer a different view. (New York Times)

Victor Davis Hanson says Obama has a racial problem--he’s set race relations in the U.S. back by decades. (National Review)

Why health premiums increased by 9 percent in 2011 (ThinkProgress)

The U.S. relationship with Pakistan doesn’t need a band-aid--it needs major surgery. (New York Post)

Is Obama’s back-to-school speech today for the kids or himself? (Cato)

Cato’s Michael Tanner writes that if the GOP candidates are going to be taken seriously, they have to stop criticizing and start proposing when it comes to entitlement reform. (National Review)

With 50 million food stamp recipients, some advocates are suggesting that the program be expanded so the benefit cam be used easier--including for fast food. Room for Debate asked four experts what they thought of the proposal. (New York Times)

Manhattan Institute’s E.J. McMahon takes a closer look at the state of Cuomo-labor relations. (New York Post)