AEI’s Michael Barone says attacking Bain Capital will backfire: “My hunch is that Obama’s attacks on Bain will strike most affluent voters as off-putting and that Romney’s calm responses will strike them as reassuring. If you want more jobs created, you don’t go around attacking job creators. Most affluent voters believe that free markets, appropriately regulated, tend to produce fair outcomes. They see investors not as vultures but as creators of jobs and promoters of innovation that increase national productivity and improve the lot of everyone. They see class warfare as an attack on themselves.” (National Review)

AEI’s Jonah Goldberg says that, under ‘Obamacare,’ the value of health-care services “will be measured by political criteria, not by their ability to reduce suffering and death.” (New York Post)

“Members of Congress always claim to be looking out for wasteful spending, especially now that they need to get under the spending caps contained in the Budget Control Act. If they are serious, they should target the “nuclear triad,” the three different means -- manned bombers, long-range missiles and submarine-launched missiles -- that U.S. forces can use to deliver nuclear weapons.” write Cato’s Benjamin Friedman and Chris Preble. (Washington Examiner)

“New York City can take pride in having replaced all the private jobs it lost in the ’08 crash — but pride may goeth before the fall. Too many of Gotham’s pols (including would-be mayors) take economic success as an entitlement to be abused — not the fleeting product of on-the-ground work and luck,” writes Manhattan Institute’s Nicole Gelinas. (New York Post)

Room for Debate asks: When do kids become adults? (New York Times)