If ‘Obamacare’ survives, the legal battle has just begun. (USA Today)

“And if [the Supreme Court] throws out all or part of the law now popularly known as “Obamacare,” we will need a fearless conversation about how a conservative majority of the court has become a cog in a larger right-wing project to make progressive political and legislative victories impossible,” writes Brookings’ E.J. Dionne. (Washington Post)

CAP’s Neera Tanden on her first year as president, women in 2012 and the role of ThinkProgress. (Washington Post)

“Rather than focusing on reaching the very compromise of both tax and entitlement reform that the special congressional supercommittee was intended to force, policymakers have set their sights on a cross of two losing strategies: maximizing the level of hype and panic over what it might mean for the U.S. military, regularly throwing around cataclysmic words like “Armageddon” and deliberately not preparing for this very same contingency,” writes Brookings’ Peter W. Singer. (Politico)

“The Pentagon is already struggling with how to absorb current budget cuts that are producing a military with significantly reduced capacity and capability. So, no matter how sequestration is — or is not — addressed, the central question is whether the Pentagon will simply downsize with a ‘less-of-the-same’ approach or pursue a vision of ‘creative destruction,’” writes AEI’s Mackenzie Eaglen. (Politico)

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