Bain Capital and financial industry gave over $565,000 to Newark Mayor Cory Booker for 2002 campaign. (ThinkProgress)

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Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-Va.) seemed to be the perfect national security perfect vice president running mate for Romney. “But now McDonnell’s national security credentials have come into question, thanks to his mishandling of a bill passed by the Virginia General Assembly that disassociates the commonwealth from the military detention of al-Qaeda or its terrorist affiliates who happen to be U.S. citizens. The bill, HB 1160, would effectively bar Virginia state troopers from arresting a terrorist like Anwar al-Awlaki if they knew he would be put in military detention. McDonnell didn’t raise a finger to stop this odious legislation as it made its way through the Virginia legislature. As a result, it passed 97-3 in the House of Delegates and 39-1 in the state Senate,” writes AEI’s Marc Thiessen. (Washington Post)

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Room for Debate asks: After all the attempts to reform and rein in banking practices after the 2008 financial crisis, how could the JPMorgan Chase $2 billion loss have happened? What kind of regulation would have prevented this disaster? (New York Times)