The Heritage Foundation has announced that David Addington, Dick Cheney’s former counsel and chief of staff, has become the think tank’s senior vice president and deputy chief operating officer.

The move makes Addington part of the executive team of Heritage President Edwin Feulner and Executive Vice President Phillip Truluck — the structure that has led the organization for the past 35 years.

Addington, who joined Heritage as vice president for domestic and economic policy studies in August 2010, will be responsible for the marketing, communications, government studies and external relations departments. He will also manage Heritage’s strategic operations directors.

Before his time in Cheney’s office, Addington held senior positions at the CIA, the Department of Defense and the White House, as well as in the legislative branch.

“Heritage has grown tremendously over our first 40 years, and has developed a reputation for both innovative policy development and innovative marketing,” Feulner said in a statement. “With these new organizational arrangements — and the people filling these positions — we have every confidence that Heritage will continue providing effective conservative leadership on public policy issues for decades ahead.”

Derrick Morgan, previously Ed Feulner’s chief of staff, will take Addington’s previous post as vice president for domestic and economic policy. Charles “Cully” Stimson, currently a senior legal fellow in Heritage’s Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, will become the new chief of staff to Feulner.