9:30 Opening Video

9:35 Welcome: Jared Cohen, Google Ideas

9:45 Idea 1: Finding Common Ground Between Different Extremes (Gill Hicks, MAD for Peace; Susan Cruz, Sin Fronteras; T.J. Leyden, Hate2Hope; Maajid Nawaz, Quilliam Foundation; Noor Huda Ismail, Sekurindo Global Consulting)

10:35 Fireside Chat: Why are we doing this? (Carie Lemack, Global Survivors Network and Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google)

11:40 Attendees break out into team sessions

1:55 Personal Story: Joining Young in Brazil (Alan Lima, anti-gang activist)

2:00 Idea 2: Patterns of Radicalization: Common Origins but Different Extremes (Farah Pandith, U.S. State Department; Sammy Rangel, Safe Streets Outreach Program; Angela King, consultant; Imam Nurayn Ashafa)

2:50 Personal Story: Renouncing Violence in Iran (Amir Farshad Ebrahimi, journalist)

2:55 Idea 3: Crossing the Threshold: Justifying and Renouncing Violence (Amanda Lindhout, Global Enrichment Foundation; Moe Muhamad, Generation Islam; Henry Robinson, Families Against Intimidation and Terror; Usama Hasan, Imam and Senior Lecturer, Middlesex University; James Muvel Wuye, Interfah Mediation Centre)

4:15 Personal Story: Radicalization and Reconciliation in South Africa (Ntobeko Peni, Amy Biehl Foundation)

4:20 Idea 4: Fostering De-Radicalization: Countering Risks and Increasing Rewards (Chris Isham, CBS; Paul Carrillo, Southern California Crossroads; Yasmin Mulbocus, MAWAH; Tad Stringham, public speaker)

5:10 Personal Story: Magical Salvation (Devonte Roque, Magicians Without Borders, El Salvador)

5:25 Day’s Closing Remarks (Ed Husain, Council on Foreign Relations)