9:00 Welcome back (Jared Cohen, Google Ideas)

9:10 Colombia: Leveraging Formers and Turning the Tide Against Violent Extremism (His Excellency Alvaro Uribe Valez, Former President of Colombia; Vera Grabe, Center for Peace; Ricardo Ramirez, former FARC member; Benildo Tijeras Maldonado; Mark Henderson, documentarian)

10:00 Mother to Mother: A conversation with Aicha al-Wafa (Aicha el-Wafa, mother of Zacarias Moussaoui; Anne-Marie Slaughter, Princeton; Norman Benotman, Quilliam Foundation; Arno Michaels, Life After Hate; Ben Owens, Detours Monitoring Group)

11:40 Idea 6: Deformed Social Network (Shona Brown, Google; Mubin Shaikh, PhD student; Ruth Rach, teacher; Tim Zaal, Simon Wiesenthal Center; Mario Van Niekerk, GCU Academy)

1:30 Team Session 2

2:50 Team Session 3

3:50 Idea 7: Changing Directions: Countering Violent Extremism with Positive Activism (Jared Cohen, Google Ideas; Frank Meeink, Harmony Through Hockey; Abu Muntasir, JIMA; Imam Sani Isa, Interfaith Mediation Centre; Tahir Wadood Malik, Pakistan Terrorism Survivors Network; Rudy Corpuz, United Playaz)

4:45 Closing (James M. Lindsay, Council on Foreign Relations; Jared Cohen, Google Ideas; Ed Husain, Council on Foreign Relations)