9:00 Burundi: Prospects and Plans for 2011 and Beyond with Pierre Nkurunziza, President of Burundi; Howard Wolpe, former Congressman (Wilson Center)

9:15 Reforming the Federal Hiring Process and Promoting Public Service to America’s Youth with William A. Galston, Brookings Institution; John Berry, U.S. Office of Personnel Management; Elaine C. Kamarck, Harvard Kennedy School; Max Stier, Partnership for Public Service; Jackson A. Nickerson, Brookings Institution; Dave Uejio, Young Government Leaders; Alan Balutis, Internet Business Solutions Group; Michael B. Filler, International Brotherhood of Teamsters; Valerie Green, Corporation for National and Community Service; Robert Shriver, U.S. Office of Personnel Management; James Mullen, Allegheny College (Brookings)

10:00 College Strategies for the Success of 21st Century Students with Louis Soares, Center for American Progress; Gerri Fiala, U.S. Department of Labor; Chari Leader Kelley, Council for Adult and Experiential Learning; Greg von Lehmen, University of Maryland University College; Joyce M. Judy, Community College of Vermont; Amy Sherman, Council for Adult & Experiential Learning (CAP)

12:00 The Health-Wealth Connection with Olivia Calderon, New America Foundation; Anita Siegel, Alameda County Department of Public Health; Lisa Forti, Urban Strategies; Carmen Rita Nevarez, Public Health Institute; Mark Rukavina, The Access Project; Leif Wellington Haase, New America Foundatio; Arnie Becker, Fremont Family Resource Center (New America Foundation)

12:00 Environmental and Social Issues Arising from Synthetic Biology: Redesigning Life with Eric Hoffman, Friends of the Earth; Jaydee Hanson, International Center for Technology; Kathy Jo Wetter, ETC Group (Wilson Center)

12:00 Supreme Court Preview: 2010 Term with Todd Gaziano, Heritage Foundation; Paul Clement, Bancroft PLLC; Kannon Shanmugam, Williams & Connolly LLP (Heritage)

2:00 Getting the Caucasus Emirate Right: Global Jihadism in Russia’s North Caucasus with Andrews C. Kuchins and Gordon M. Hahn, CSIS (CSIS)

3:00 Strengthening the Voices of Women Champions for Family Planning and Reproductive Health with Carol Peasley, CEDPA; Nafis Sadik, UN Secretary-General’s Office; Rosemary Ardayfio, Graphic Communications Group; Tigist Kassa Milko, Panos Ethiopia (Wilson Center)

3:00 Measuring Happiness and Opportunity Around the World with Strobe Talbott, Brookings; Carol Lancaster, Georgetown University; Carol Graham, Global Economy and Development; David Brooks, New York Times; Isabel Sawhill, Economic Studies (Brookings)

3:00 Capitalism at Rick: Rethinking the Role of Business with Gerald Hyman, Hills Program on Governance (CSIS)

4:00 The U.S.-Philippines Alliance: The 60th Anniversary of the Mutual Defense Treaty with Walter Lohman, Heritage Foundation; Fidel Ramos, former President of Phillipines; Thomas C. Hubbard, former US Ambassador to Phillipines (Heritage)