9:00 India’s Energy Options: New Sources, Innovations and Areas of Cooperation with Mr. Vikram Mehta, Shell Group of Companies, India (CSIS)

10:00 The World’s Water Volume 7: The Biennial Report on Freshwater Resources with Peter Gleick, Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and Security (Wilson Center)

12:00 Assessing the U.S.-Taiwan Security Partnership with Bonnie S. Glaser, CSIS Pacific Forum; Nancy Bernkopf Tucker, Georgetown University; Charles L. Glaser, Elliott School’s Institute for Security and Conflict Studies; Michael D. Swaine, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Alexander T.J. Lennon, The Washington Quarterly (CSIS)

12:00 James Madison with Richard Brookhiser, author of James Madison; Matthew Spalding, Ph.D., B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics (Heritage)

12:00 Mexico and the War on Drugs: Time to Legalize with Vicente Fox, Former President, Mexico; Ian Vasquez, Cato Institute (Cato)

12:00 The United States in 2050 with Daniella Gibbs Leger, Center for American Progress; Orson Aguilar, Greenlining Institute; William Frey, Brookings Institute; Angela Glover Blackwell, PolicyLink; Dowell Myers, Planning and Development; Vanessa Cardenas, Center for American Progress (CAP)

12:00 Do You Want to Change Your Mind? An Experiment in Malawi on Time-Inconsistency in Financial Decisions with Dean Yang, University of Michigan; Vivian Hoffmann, University of Maryland (Center for Global Development)

12:30 Is More Detainee Legislation Needed? with The Hon. Jeh Johnson, Department of Defense; Charles Stimson, Heritage (Heritage)

1:30 Bin Laden’s Troubled Legacy with Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Author, Bin Laden’s Legacy: Why We’re Still Losing the War on Terror; Brian Fishman, New America Foundation (New America)

2:00 Deterrence and Regional Stability in South Asia with Zamir Akram, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva (Stimson)

2:00 What’s Ailing Pakistan’s Economy? Understanding the Foundations of Insecurity with S. Akbar Zaidi, CEIP; Ashley J. Tellis, CEIP (CEIP)

3:00 The Next Big Thing: How Public Media Innovation Is Changing Journalism with Caroline Thomson, BBC; Sue Schardt, Association of Independents in Radio; Joaquin Alvarado, American Public Media; Jake Shapiro, Public Radio Exchange (New America)

4:30 United Nations Peacekeeping Operations: Fit for Purpose? with Bruce Jones, Managing Global Order; Anthony Banbury, United Nations; William J. Durch, Stimson Center; Noam Unger, Global Economy and Development (Brookings)

5:00 African Development: Making Sense of the Issues and Actors with Todd Moss, author, Center for Global Development; Jendayi Frazer, Carnegie Mellon University; Nancy Birdsall, Center for Global Development (Center for Global Development)