Politico’s Arena asks: Did “Game Change” do a image change for Sarah Palin? Brookings’ Darrell West answers. So does Heritage’s James Carafano.

“Will Romney’s appeal to high-education and high-income voters carry over to the general election, too? That’s not clear,” writes AEI’s Michael Barone. (New York Post)

CFR’s Elliott Abrams: “Tunisia is everyone’s favorite Arab country nowadays, the one where the Arab Spring started and that has the best chance to “make it” to democracy. So it would be especially disturbing if Tunisia, and its supposedly moderate Islamist government, led by the Ennahda party, went off track. If Tunisia and Ennahda cannot maintain freedom of expression, which Arab country can?” (Washington Post)

“The Fukushima meltdowns, which began a year ago this week, were a disaster — but also, at least in the United States, an opportunity. Everyone was awake and interested. Thoughtful questions, wild speculation and genuine, heartfelt public concern about nuclear safety were everywhere, writes Demos’ Richard Brodsky. (New York Times)

Carmen Reinhart: Financial repression has come back to stay. (Bloomberg)

Hoover’s Scott Atlas: Striking ‘Obamacare’ a rejection of overreach (Politico)