Sen. Mitch McConnell and the DISCLOSE Act: “Tonight, critical legislation that would shine a light on the dark money dominating our democracy was defeated on the Senate floor. To be clear, it received a majority of votes, but failed to overcome a filibuster from Senator McConnell. Even he was for disclosure before he was against it, saying in 1997 that ‘Public disclosure of campaign contributions and spending should be expedited so voters can judge for themselves what is appropriate,’” writes Liz Kennedy at the Demos blog, Policy Shop. (Demos)

“Not so long ago, conservatives could use anti-immigrant positioning to rally their base and as a political wedge against moderates. Progressives, meanwhile, could promote pro-immigration policies — but couldn’t gain leverage with moderates or against conservatives. So conservatives’ anti-immigrant legislative agenda set the terms of the national debate. But the right’s reaction to two recent developments highlights how quickly the landscape has changed,” writes CAP Action’s Marshall Fitz. (Politico)

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