AEI’s Jonah Goldberg on Syria and the Russia-China veto of the U.N. resolution: “The whole thing stinks from the top down. The Security Council isn’t a democratic entity; it’s based on brute force. Russia and China became permanent members when they were totalitarian dictatorships. They have seats because they are powerful, not because they are decent or wise or democratic. And the same is true for us. Our seat was bought with might, not right.” (National Review)

Victor Davis Hanson questions our post-America world. (National Review)

“Americans have already taken the Obama administration to the Supreme Court over the “Obamacare” individual mandate, which purports to exercise the power to regulate interstate commerce by mandating that everyone have health insurance or pay a fine. Now, in regulations implementing the health care statute, comes the contraception mandate, writes Heritage’s David Addington. (Politico)

CFR’s Peter Orszag: Tie U.S. recovery plan to economic indicators (Bloomberg)

“Anyone still wondering why there is a disconnect between grassroots limited-government conservatives and the Washington establishment need look no farther than the latest highway bill currently making its way through Congress with support from Republican leaders in both houses,” writes Cato’s Michael Tanner. (National Review)