Foreign Policy magazine put together its list of 100 must-follow Twitter feeds (“The FP Twitterati 100”). Only seven think tankers made the cut — even with a “Wonks” category.

And here they are:

•Andrew Schwartz (@handrewschwartz) — Senior VP at the Center for Strategic & International Studies in Washington and a great aggregator of national security news.

•Tyler Cowen (@tylercowen) — Professor of economics at George Mason University, author, ethnic food expert, and pioneering econoblogger (and Cato Institute adjunct scholar).

•Sadanand Dhume (@dhume01) — South Asia analyst at the American Enterprise Institute.

•Michael Clemens (@m_clem) — Wide-ranging scholar at the Center for Global Development.

•Andrew Exum (@abumuqawama) — Former Army Ranger, blogger, and counterinsurgency guru at the Center for a New American Security.

•Joshua Foust (@joshuafoust) -- Irascible former intelligence analyst, blogger, and expert on South and Central Asia; unforgiving media critic.

•Micah Zenko (@MicahZenko) — Analyst at the Council on Foreign Relations; drone critic.

Who’s on the rest of the list? And which foreign policy think tankers would you add?