“The recent decline in gasoline prices has at least temporarily made this a less pressing issue in the presidential campaign. There is a real risk, however, that the summer driving season will again push the price to near $4 a gallon and that it will again assume center stage in the national political debate,” write CEPR’s Dean Baker and Bruce Bartlett. (Politico)

“As for the Obama-authorized super PAC being $90 million short of its $100 million goal, well, it was late getting started and some money-givers don’t like negative ads. A more plausible explanation is that big Democratic donors don’t trust the political judgment of super-PAC head Bill Burton — who was passed over for promotion to White House press secretary — the way big Republican donors trust Karl Rove...Here’s another: A lot of people like the way Obama has governed less than they liked the idea of Obama governing,” writes AEI’s Michael Barone. (National Review)

Victor Davis Hanson: Culture still matters. (National Review)

Room for Debate asks: Is it it time for Latin America and the United States to abandon the war on drugs and deal with the issue as a matter of public health rather than combat? (New York Times)

CFR’s Amity Shlaes: Women win in venture capital when they don’t sue. (Bloomberg)