8:30 Squeezing the Tower: Are We Getting All We Can From Higher Education? All day conference with Richard Vedder, Ohio University; Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, The George Washington University; Mark Bauerlein, Emory University; Jeff Sandefer, Acton School of Business; Arthur Hauptman, public policy consultant; Ronald Trowbridge, Center for College Affordability and Productivity; and Neal McCluskey, Cato Institute (Cato)

9:00 Military Strategy Forum with General Craig R. McKinley, National Guard Bureau; Lieutenant General Harry M. Wyatt III, Air National Guard; Major General Raymond W. Carpenter, Army National Guard (CSIS)

9:00 Javier Arturo Valdez Cárdenas, 2011 Committee to Protect Journalists International Press Freedom Awardee (Wilson Center)

9:00 Reaching Out: Cuba’s New Economy and the International Response with Ted Piccone, Brookings; Richard Feinberg, Brookings; Gary Hufbauer, Peterson Institute for International Economic; Carlos Alzugaray Treto, University of Havana (Brookings)

11:00 California’s Prisoners Dilemma: The Public Health Impacts of Prisoner Reentry (RAND)

12:00 The Lesser of Two Evils: Social Pressure and Impatience in Consumption Decisions in Poor Agrarian Economies with Jessica Goldberg, University of Maryland; James Foster, George Washington University (Center for Global Development)

12:00 Money in a Free Society: Keynes, Friedman, and the New Crisis In Capitalism with Tim G. Congdon, author; Nile Gardiner, Heritage (Heritage)

12:00 Global Narcotics Flows and the Global Financial and Economic Crisis with Viktor Ivanov, Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation; Andrew Kuchins, CSIS; Jacqueline McLaren Miller, EastWest Institute (CSIS)

12:30 China in Africa: A Balanced View with Dr. Zhang Chun, CSIS (CSIS)

3:00 Containing or Engaging Pakistan? An American Dilemma with Christophe Jaffrelot; Ashley J. Tellis, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP)