After last night’s GOP debate, is Mitt Romney the frontrunner, again? asks Politico’s Arena. The Wilson Center’s Aaron David Miller answers.

“By claiming that Palestinians are “invented,” and smearing them all with the terrorist label, Gingrich appears to seek to de-legitimize their quest for statehood. This position stands in stark contrast to the official policies of the last seven U.S. administrations, both Republican and Democrat. It is even in more strongly right than the current hardline Likud government in Israel,” writes Middle East Institute president Wendy Chamberlain. (Politico)

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“Putin’s reelection as president next spring looked, only a few weeks ago, to be a done deal. But now, more might be made of polls showing that the number of those ready to vote for him has steadily declined in the past year. This trend will be hard to reverse, and expectations are running high that the March election will be rigged. After volunteer observers of the Dec. 4 voting exposed the extensive and shameless tricks used to favor Putin’s United Russia party, many more can be expected to seek to observe the vote in March,” writes Carnegie Endowment’s Masha Lipman. (Washington Post)

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