9:00 The Current Asia-Pacific Security Situation and Taiwan with Nien-Dzu Yang, Deputy Minister for Policy, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense (CSIS)

9:15 Dismantling the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program with Jospeh Antos, AEI; Walton Francis, Consultant; James W. Morrison Jr., Morrison Associates (AEI)

10:00 Elections and Reform in Morocco and Tunisia with Néjib Ayachi, The Maghreb Center; Anouar Boukhars, McDaniel College; Sarah Yerkes, Georgetown University (Brookings)

10:00 Diverse Schools Need Diverse Teachers: Strategies to Increase Diversity in the Teacher Workforce with Ulrich Boser, Center for American Progress; Saba Bireda, Race and Poverty Research Action Council; Crystal McQueen, Partner, The New Teacher Project; Rachelle Rogers-Ard, Teach Tomorrow; Glenda Partee, Center for American Progress (Center for American Progress)

11:45 Defending Defense: America’s National Security Strategy and our Defense Budget with Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) (Hudson Institute)

12:00 Silenced: How Apostasy and Blasphemy Codes are Choking Freedom Worldwide with Paul Marshall, Hudson Institute;Nina Shea, Hudson Institute (Heritage Foundation)

2:00 Perspectives on Health Care Reform in the U.K. with U.K. Secretary of State for Health Andrew Lansley (Brookings)

2:30 The G20 and the Eurozone Crisis with Lael Brainard, Treasury Department Under Secretary for International Affairs; Moisés Naím, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (Carnegie Endowment)

4:00 Why Taiwan Matters: Small Island, Global Powerhouse with Shelley Rigger, Davidson College (Woodrow Wilson Center)

6:00 Trust 2.0 with Sascha Meinrath, Open Technology Initiative, New America Foundation; Deborah Dignam, British Council; Stephanie L. Schierholz, NASA Headquarters; Danny Harris, People’s District; Rebecca Zylberman, British Council; Kara Hadge, British Council (New America Foundation)

6:30 Progressivism on tap with Dean Baker and Jared Bernstein (Center for American Progress)