Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner may be nearing retirement, but it seems he could easily have an encore career as a motivational speaker.

In this promotional video for “The American Spirit,” a new book he co-authored with Heritage board member Brian Tracy, Feulner says, “For every American, life starts off as a blank slate...You can make the most of yourself in the future and be all that you can be and that’s what makes America so really special and that’s I think really at the core of the American spirit.”

In a recent interview, Feulner said he and Tracy decided to write the book because they need to be reminded of their optimistic outlook, despite the current condition.

“Basically, Americans are optimists,” said Feulner. “They want to see the bright side. They want things to be better for their children and their grandchildren – and they really want to come out of this much better.”