Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain will address the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) on Monday, the think tank announced earlier today.

The focus of his address is his 9-9-9 tax plan.

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan has incited energized discussion about the impact of taxes on Americans. The 9-9-9 plan would throw out our current tax system and replace it with a 9 percent business tax, a 9 percent personal income tax and a 9 percent national sales tax. Many economists believe that this move would promote growth, but detractors argue that the plan might raise tax rates for low-income Americans. At this event, Mr. Cain will discuss the details of his plan in a conversation with AEI’s Kevin Hassett. Following the discussion, a panel of experts will debate the merits and liabilities of 9-9-9.

Cain will take questions from the audience, which will be followed by a panel discussion of his talk by: William Gale, Brookings Institution; Rich Lowrie, Friends of Herman Cain and Stephen Moore, Wall Street Journal.