CFR’s Max Boot asks if these are good enough of reasons to not intervene in Syria: “News reports cite unnamed “senior defense officials” saying that Syria has a sophisticated air-defense system and a 330,000-man army that would be hard to defeat; that we don’t know enough to arm a Syrian opposition that lacks effective, unified leadership; that U.S. intervention could plunge Syria into civil war and embroil us in a “proxy war” against Iran and possibly Russia; and that international support is lacking for any move.” (Washington Post)

Politico’s Arena asks: Why is Ron Paul still in the GOP race? CAP’s Daniella Gibbs Leger answers.

AEI’s Jonah Goldberg: “I do in fact hold on to the view that presidents matter. But this is a more controversial view among conservatives than one might think, at least when it comes to economic policy. When looked at from the proper altitude, the notion that the president “runs” the economy is fairly ridiculous. The president doesn’t have a “Create Jobs” button on his desk he can press.” (National Review)

“Think tanks have become enormously important to policy development over the past half-century. The Brookings Institution was deeply involved in the design of what became the Marshall Plan for the postwar redevelopment of Western Europe. The American Enterprise Association — now Institute — helped engineer the dismantling of wartime controls on production and prices. And Cato, as Eric Lichtblau reported in the New York Times, “has successfully injected libertarian views into Washington policy and political debates, and given them mainstream respectability,” writes Hudson’s Tevi Troy. (Washington Post)

Is it really the “Unaffordable” Care Act? (National Review)

“To understand why the AFL-CIO this week endorsed President Obama for re-election, it helps to know that Tyrone Freeman enjoys Cognac — $175 glasses of Cognac, allegedly paid for by the SEIU local he used to run. Freeman’s union also paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to companies run by his wife and family,” writes Heritage’s James Sherk. (New York Post)

Rubio takes the dream out of DREAM Act. (ThinkProgress)

Room for Debate asks: Does morality have a place on Wall Street? (New York Times)

What is the conservative view of No Child Left Behind? And is it Republicans or Democrats who are championing it? (National Review)