More infrastructure now! “But an amendment in the Senate’s version of the highway reauthorization bill, which recently passed, penalizes any state that wanders off the federal reservation by leasing a transportation facility. It would lose part of its federal highway funds. This amendment, proposed by Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-N.M.), actively discourages infrastructure investment if it comes from a private source. The Senate bill would also eliminate the use of Private Activity Bonds, which are critical in attracting private investment. Yet America’s dilapidated transportation system desperately needs private investment for renovations and maintenance,” writes AEI’s Rick Geddes. (Politico)

“Once again, Congress is in the midst of a legislative session threatened by a problem of its own making and is uncertain about how, when or where to solve it. In nine months, a law on the books, the Budget Control Act of 2011, will wreak havoc not only on the operations of federal government, but our entire economy, if lawmakers do not agree on an alternative approach to cutting the budget,” write Jim Dyer and and Scott Lilly. (Washington Post)

Jonah Goldberg: No, Romney, Obama’s energy strategy is not all-of-the-above. (National Review)

“The Obama administration brandished “smart power” as crucial to U.S. foreign policy. “With smart power,” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared in her confirmation hearings, “diplomacy will be the vanguard of foreign policy.” Yet the U.S. military controls ever wider swaths of our civilian activity abroad,” writes Hoover’s Kori Schake. (Politico)

Manhattan Institute’s Nicole Gelinas: “Going on four years now, the Federal Reserve has been doing something it’s never done before: It has kept a key interest rate, the Fed funds rate, as close to zero as possible.” (Washington Examiner)

Will Pennsylvania join the REAL ID rebellion? (Cato)

CFR’s Michael Hodin: G-8 should tackle issues of aging. (Washington Post)

Kraft becomes third corporation to drop ALEC. (ThinkProgress)

Room for Debate asks: Should LA New Yorkify? (New York Times)

Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Matt Patterson: PETA vs. people ... and animals. (Washington Examiner)