John Bolton: Leaks, law and politics. “Attorney General Eric Holder has appointed two U.S. attorneys to investigate leaks of sensitive national security information. In so doing, he implicitly rejected calls by some Republicans for a special prosecutor (sometimes called an “independent counsel”) detached from normal Justice Department oversight. Holder’s decision likely forecloses further debate on the special-prosecutor route. It should not, however, foreclose continued bipartisan concern over the leaks themselves, or pressure from Congress to investigate these serious breaches of the secrecy properly surrounding intelligence activities.” (Washington Examiner)

Bruce Ackerman on intel leaks: Protect, don’t prosecute, patriotic leakers. (New York Times)

But why isn’t the private sector ‘doing fine?’ (National Review)

AEI’s Jonah Goldberg: Obama’s ‘fine’ mess. (National Review)

“Yesterday, the Democratic mayoral candidates debuted at the first “roundtable” ahead of election 2013. The gang didn’t so much debate as present an hour-long lesson in how not to run for mayor,” writes Manhattan Institute’s Nicole Gelinas. (New York Post)

Dennis Ross on Egypt: “What a difference a year makes. With Egypt’s economy in free fall, with a new constitution still not written, with security generally lacking, and with the recent presidential elections producing a runoff this weekend between an uninspiring Muslim Brotherhood candidate and an official who appears to be a remnant of the Mubarak regime, the mood of optimism has soured in Egypt — as well as in the U.S., with some potentially troubling consequences.” (USA Today)

Still stay out of Syria: “As the Syrian government makes increasingly desperate and vicious efforts to keep power, pleas for military intervention, more or less on the Libyan model, have become more insistent. This course is morally attractive, to be sure. But should Western states follow this counsel? I believe not,” writes Hoover’s Daniel Pipes. (National Review)

Diana Furchtgott-Roth: Green power corrupts again. (Washington Examiner)

Room for Debate asks: Will the Vatican’s crackdown on nuns work? (New York Times)