Iowa caucus: Opening shots of War of 2012 (Politico)

Rick Santorum and the Iowa caucus: “Santorum’s success has come largely under the radar — at least until the last few days — driven by his near monomaniacal focus on Iowa and the state’s network of social-conservative evangelical voters. Now, however, Santorum’s record will come under much more intensive scrutiny — and it is a record that should give supporters of limited government considerable pause,” writes Cato’s Michael Tanner. (National Review)

Iowans collected more federal benefits than they paid in federal taxes. (Think Progress)

“The world has grown used to chest-thumping by Tehran, and there was nothing particularly noteworthy about the exercises conducted by Iranian armed forces last week to demonstrate their ability to close the Strait of Hormuz. But how the U.S. reacts to the threats is crucially important,” writes Fred Kagan. (LA Times)

“It’s hard to uphold a reputation as a devoutly religious terrorist group if you make millions selling cocaine. Just ask Hezbollah,” writes Jonathan Schanzer. (New York Post)

Peter Orszag: Glimpses of a recovery spotted amid equipment sales (Bloomberg)

Are environmentalists bad for the environment? (Washington Examiner)

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