AEI’s John Bolton on Iran: “Having apparently learned nothing from 10 years of futile negotiations with Iran, President Obama seemed perilously close late last month to yet another deal purportedly making “progress” eliminating the ayatollahs’ nuclear weapons program...Fortunately, however, the recently concluded Baghdad talks between Iran and the U.N. Security Council’s five permanent members and Germany (P-5+1) produced no substantive agreement. Nonetheless, we are assured that the meetings were successful. Why? The parties will hold a third meeting in this latest series this month, in Moscow of all places. Perhaps the fourth will be in Tehran.” (Washington Times)

Room for Debate asks: Do cyberattacks on Iran make us more vulnerable? (New York Times)

“Last week’s media bombshell that we’d infiltrated the Iranian nuclear program with a super-secret computer virus made it undeniable: There’s been way too much aired about sensitive US operations over the last year or so...Someone ought to tell Team Obama,” writes Heritage’s Peter Brookes. (New York Post)

“Compromise has always been a holy word for the Washington establishment. But against the backdrop of ever-increasing anxiety over our fiscal dysfunction, most particularly the next budget showdown, the word has taken on a tone of anger, desperation and even panic,” writes AEI’s Jonah Goldberg. (USA Today)

Politico’s Arena: Bill Maher no home run as baseball owner? Hudson’s Tevi Troy answers.

Cato’s Gene Healy: Time for China hawks to chill out. (Washington Examiner)

Heritage’s Hans von Spakovsky: EEOC’s protection of felons could hurt minority hiring. (Washington Examiner)