8:45 Outlook for the G-20 Los Cabos Summit an all-day event with Michael Froman; International Economic Affairs; Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan; Harold “Terry” McGraw III, McGraw-Hill Companies (CSIS)

9:00 Central American Fiscal Policy in a Time of Crisis with Hugo Noe Pino, ICEFI; Maynor Cabrera, ICEFI; Ricardo Barrientos, ICEFI; Cynthia J. Arnson, Woodrow Wilson Center; Eric Hershberg, The American University (Woodrow Wilson Center)

9:00 Inside the Iranian Nuclear Crisis with Seyed Hossein Mousavian, Princeton University; George Perkovich, Carnegie Endowment (Carnegie Endowment)

10:00 Southern Voices in the Northern Policy Debate: African Perspectives an all-day event (Woodrow Wilson Center)

12:00 How to Think Seriously About the Planet: The Case For an Environmental Conservatism with Roger Scruton, AEI; Mark Sagoff, George Mason University; Steven F. Hayward, AEI; Kenneth P. Green, AEI; Keith Kloor, New York University; Daniel Sarewitz, Arizona State University (AEI)

12:00 U.S. Policy on Egypt’s Transition with Rudy deLeon, Center for American Progress; Ambassador Frank Wisner; Brian Katulis, Center for American Progress; Tamara Cofman Wittes, Brookings Institution; Sabina Dewan, Center for American Progress; Brian Katulis, Center for American Progress; James Traub (Center for American Progress)

12:00 The Transformational Decade with Herbert London, Hudson Institute; Gertrude Himmelfarb (Hudson)

12:00 Population Projections: Breaking Down the Assumptions with Carl Haub, Population Reference Bureau; Rachel Nugent, University of Washington Department of Global Health; Hania Zlotnik, United Nations (Woodrow Wilson Center)

12:15 Sudan in Conflict with Ambassador Princeton Lyman; Ambassador Alan Goulty; Marina Ottaway, Carnegie Endowment; Frederic Wehrey, Carnegie Endowment (Carnegie Endowment)

3:30 Nagorno-Karabakh: Will the Frozen Conflict Turn Hot? with Thomas de Waal, Carnegie Endowment; Charles King, Kennan Institute; E. Wayne Merry, American Foreign Policy Council; Fiona Hill, The Brookings Institution (Woodrow Wilson Center)

3:30 Between Scylla and Charybdis: US Cold War Strategy and the Question of Democracy in South Korea, 1961-1972 with Sang-yoon Ma, The Catholic University of Korea; Gregg Brazinsky, The George Washington University; Christian F. Ostermann, Woodrow Wilson Center (Woodrow Wilson Center)

4:00 Friends and Foes: Russian Views on Russia’s Relations with Other Countries with Dr. Lev Gudkov, Levada Analytical Centre; Dr. Andrew Kuchins, CSIS (CSIS)