AEI’s Jonah Goldberg says the withdrawal from Iraq proves the U.S. isn’t an empire, but... “I’m solidly in the camp that sees this as a strategic blunder. Iraqi democracy is fragile and Iran’s desire to undermine it is strong. Also, announcing our withdrawal is a weird way to respond to a foiled Iranian plot to commit an act of war in the U.S. capital. Obviously, I hope I’m wrong and President Obama’s not frittering away our enormous sacrifices in Iraq out of domestic political concerns and diplomatic ineptitude.” (LA Times)

Daniel Pipes says Obama shouldn’t be so celebratory when it comes to Iraq and Libya because “the Middle East teaches caution; much will probably go wrong in Libya and Iraq. Obama, I predict, will rue his rash boasts.” (National Review)

Cato’s Gene Healy says “D.C.’s prosperity reflects a parasite economy that battens on wealth created by others. We live in a vast, metastasizing tick of a city, swollen on the lifeblood it drains from the body politic. This is one race the home team deserved to lose.” (Washington Examiner)

Brookings’ Clifford Winston says that for all the so-called quality control measures taken in the legal profession, “occupational licensure has been costly and ineffective; it misleads consumers about the quality of licensed lawyers and the potential for non-lawyers to provide able assistance.” (New York Times)

Room for Debte asks: Will Amazon kill off publishers? (New York Times)

What happens if the U.S. medical fee structure becomes more like the European structure? (New York Post)

Perry’s flat tax gets a B+ by Cato’s Daniel Mitchell. (Cato)

Thomas Sowell says only “fashionable minorities” are protected by the media. (National Review)

If the supercommittee can’t come up with a good plan, will the Pentagon be facing the “budget cleaver?” (New York Post)