RNC chairman calls Harry Reid a ‘dirty liar:’ RNC Chairman Reince Priebus today deflected Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) calls for Mitt Romney to release more tax returns by resorting to outright name-calling. (ThinkProgress)

Politico’s Arena asks: Republican leaders are accusing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of lying by passing along an anonymous claim that Mitt Romney hasn’t paid taxes in 10 years. Should Romney release his tax forms and clear the air? Or should lawmakers refrain from speculation? (Politico)

A Think Tanked Q&A with RAND President Michael Rich, who discusses his first year as president, the toxicity in Washington, 2012 elections and Syria.. (Washington Post)

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Manhattan Institute’s Avik Roy: “In July 2010, at National Review Online’s Critical Condition blog, I wrote about a University of Virginia study, published in Annals of Surgery, finding that surgical patients on Medicaid endured a 97 percent higher likelihood of in-hospital death than patients with private insurance, and a 13 percent greater chance of death than those with no insurance at all. I noted several other clinical studies that showed similar results. Little did I know that a national firestorm would ensue.” (National Review)