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Manhattan Institute’s Michael Allegretti on Scott Walker victory: “The Wisconsin recall election is a defeat for public-sector unions, but a win for everyone else – taxpayers, Republican and Democrat, who have been footing the bill for special interests that play by a different set of rules. In restoring fiscal solvency and preserving public services, Gov. Scott Walker’s win strikes a blow for effective and vigorous government, putting to rest the frequent charge that conservatives hate government and want it to fail.’” (Politico)

“Any solution to the nation’s fiscal problems remains elusive. Virtually everyone agrees that nothing much will likely be resolved before the election. A lame-duck Congress and president will instead confront a fiscal cliff — when a variety of tax provisions expire at the end of the year and a sequester and debt ceiling loom...But if the Democrats hang tough, allowing these tax cuts to expire and the sequester to go into effect, they can win this battle. Otherwise, I fear, they are toast,” writes Isabel Sawhill. (Politico)

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