Writing at Foreign Policy, New America Foundation’s Douglas Rediker and Eurasia Group’s David Gordon say that the European Union we’ve known “is a thing of the past.”

Too extreme?

Consider this:

Two short years ago, if anyone had suggested that we would be considering pan-European bank regulation, cross-border deposit guarantees, joint and several Eurobonds, and the very survival of the common currency, they would have been dismissed as nothing short of crazy. But what was unthinkable then appears to be verging on the inevitable now. With last weekend’s announcement of a bailout for Spanish banks and with potentially euro-shaking elections in Greece this weekend, we can now say with certainty that the staid European Union we knew for its first two decades is a thing of the past.

What comes next isn’t clear, but Rediker and Gordon lay out 12 key trends to watch in the impending Europocalypse.