9:00 Creating American Jobs Through Immigration Reform with Tim Griffin, (R-Ark.), U.S. House of Representatives; Madeline Zavodny, Agnes Scott College; Sudhakar Shenoy, IMC (AEI)

9:00 A Debrief on Busan: What Happened and What’s Next? Analysis and Next Steps Following the 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness with Carolyn Long, InterAction; Dayna Brown; CDA Collaborative Learning Projects, Ebrahim Rasool, South African Ambassador to the United States’ Gregory Adams, Oxfam; Nancy Lindborg, USAID; Neil Levine, US Agency for International Development; Randy Tift, World Vision; Robin Matthewman, US Department of State; Steve Pierce, US Agency for International Development (Wilson Center)

9:15 New Technologies: Have We Learned Anything Yet About Risks? with David Rejeski, Science and Technology Innovation Program; Paul C. Stern, National Academies of Science (Wilson Center)

10:30 Reagan’s Roots: The People and Places That Shaped His Character with Edwin Meese III, Heritage Foundation. (Heritage Foundation)

11:00 Global HIV Programs at the Crossroads: How Can Donor Funding Be Optimized? (RAND)

12:00 Design for Liberty: Private Property, Public Administration, and the Rule of Law with Richard A. Epstein, New York University School of Law; Adam Liptak, New York Times Supreme Court Reporter; Roger Pilon, Cato Institute (Cato Institute)

12:00 Climate Finance: Innovative Financing Sources for Sustainable Development? with Ari Huhtala, World Bank; David Waskow, Oxfam America; Ian Parry, International Monetary Fund; John W. Sewell, Former President of the Overseas Development Council; Liane Schalatek, Heinrich Böll Stiftung - North (Wilson Center)

12:30 The Story of Lashkar-e-Taiba with Pamela Constable, Washington Post; Stephen Tankel, Washington Post (Carnegie Endowment)

2:00 The European Union Summit: Boon or Bust? with Christopher C. DeMuth, the American Enterprise Institute and others (AEI)

2:00 Peace Corps 50th Anniversary: A Celebration of Service with Harris Wofford, Former Senator (D-PA), U.S. Senate; Aaron S. Williams, Peace Corps; Rep. Samuel Farr Congressman (D-CA); Rep. Thomas Petri; Congressman (R-WI); Johanna Nesseth, Project on U.S. Leadership in Development; Johanna Mendelson Forman, CSIS (CSIS)

3:00 Delivering Solutions: Advancing Dialogue To Improve Maternal Health with Calyn M. Ostrowski, Global Health Initiative & Environmental Change and Security Program; Chaacha Mwita, African Population and Health Research Center; Luc de Bernis, United Nations Population Fund; Margaret Greene, Greenworks; Tim Thomas, Maternal Health Task Force (Wilson Center)

4:00 Promoting Links between the Russian Judiciary and Civil Society with Anna Kovaleva, Supreme Commercial (Arbitrazh) Court of the Russian Federation; Leonid V. Nikitinsky, Novaya Gazeta; Mikhail Fedotov, Regional Foundation Information Technologies for Democracy; Tatiana Andreyeva, Deputy Chief Justice of the Supreme Commercial (Arbitrazh) Court of the Russian Federation (Wilson Center)

4:00 The Death of Trilateralism in the NAFTA Neighborhood: Views from the United States, Mexico, and Canada with Antonio Ortiz-Mena, Economic Affairs, Mexican Embassy; Christopher Sands, Hudson Institute; Laura Dawson, U.S. Embassy, Ottawa, Canada (Wilson Center)